Grad Students Reza Mozhdehi and Philipe Ambrosio Dias win 2018 Forward Thinking awards

Marquette 2018 Forward Thinking poster session award recipients included Dr. Henry Medeiros and two graduate students.  Dr. Medeiros and Philipe Ambrozio Dias (Electrical and Computer Engineering) won for their project, “Region growing refinement of semantic segmentations masks.”  Dr. Medeiros and Reza Jalil Mozhdehi (Electrical and Computer Engineering) won for their project, “Visual tracking: deep convolutional iterative particle filter with multiple correlation models.”


2018 Presentations at ACCV and IROS conferences

In 2018, the Computer Vision team published two journal papers and Philipe Ambrozio Dias went to ACCV (Asian Federation of Computer Vision) and IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) to present their work.

Miguel’s work wins Forward Thinking poster competition at Marquette.

drone flying over Marquette campus
Congratulations Miguel, We thank the judges, Marquette University and the authors. We look forward to presenting more of Miguel’s research in the future.
Forward-Thinking Poster Session [PDF]

Prof. Seth Hutchinson’s Talk

Watch Prof. Seth Hutchinson from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign give a talk on Design, Modeling and Control of a Biologically-Inspired Bat Robot at Marquette University — we apologize for the minor audio problems at the beginning and at the final minutes of the video.

Dr. Jeremy Marvel’s talk

Watch Dr. Jeremy Marvel from the National Institute of Standards and Technologies  give a talk on Collaborative Robotics: Tools and Metrology at Marquette University.

Milwaukee BizTimes Story

The Milwaukee BizTimes published a story about the robotic vision research being carried out in the lab. Check out the story here.

Dr. Maxim Naumov’s talk

Accepted manuscripts

Tony Hoak’s thesis defense

Prof. Richard Radke’s talk

Watch Prof. Richard Radke from RPI give a talk on Human-Scale Occupant-Aware Environments at Marquette University.